How To Controll Your Werecat Side

African legends describe people who turn into lions or leopards. In the case of leopards, this is often because the creature is really a leopard god or goddess masquerading as a human. When these gods mate with humans, offspring can be produced, and these children sometimes grow up to be shapeshifters; those who do not transform may instead have other powers. In reference to werecats who turn into lions, the ability is often associated with royalty. Such a being may have been a king or queen in a former life, or may be destined for leadership in this life. This quality can be seen in the lions of Tsavo, which were reputed to be kings in lion shape, attempting to repel the invading Europeans by stopping their railroad due to attacks on humans.

Yes they do exist. If you want to see one go onto the tallest hill in the thickest part of the forest (in eiter Sunpass Forest in Oregon,the Black Forest in Germany,Stone Forest in China,Tanana Forest in Alaska,the Amizon Forest and others. There is normally 1 werecat inhabited forest in each contanant at least.) on a new moon(full moon is for werewolfs new moon is for werecats). Bring your cat with you so the were cat knows your safe. You have to like cats or it will kill you. Bring some kind of meat and place it on the hill and meow 9 times with your cat then yowl once then hide in a near by bush. It will come out and eat the meat. It will either look like a big or house cat or a human or a werecat depending on its form and how old it is.

Created by: Lily

  1. What to know how to control your werecat side?
  2. Do you respect dogs
  3. Do dogs like you?
  4. Do you have a heard?
  5. Do you love anyone that's not normal?
  6. When you see a dog what do you do?
  7. What do you do when you see a cat?
  8. Do you like the night or day?
  9. Do you like cats or dogs
  10. Do you like meat or plants

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Quiz topic: How To Controll my Werecat Side