How Texas are you?

There are Texans and then people who are lucky enough just to live here. For those of us who are true Texans we know what true pride is and we stand behind the star.which are you?

Obvioulsy True Texans are superior to everybody else. It's not our fault that we are better than everybody else. We just do what we can to make sure the rest of this country doiesn't end up like california. Do your part...learn all there is to know about Texas.

Created by: Patrick

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  1. Where you born in Texas?
  2. Horns or Aggies?
  3. How many times did you float the river this year?
  4. What river did you float?
  5. DO you know how to do the Cotton Eyed Joe?
  6. 1992 Ford F-350 or 2007 Mercedes C-Class?
  7. How many oversized belt buckles do you own?
  8. Port A or Cancun
  9. Cowboys or Texans?
  10. Dixie Chicks...Love em' or hate em'

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Quiz topic: How Texas am I?