How Much of a sooners fan are you?

Are You A True OU Sooner??? See If You are a true ou sooner or if you're texas fan! tuck fexas!texas sucks boo texas is retarded booooo texas sucks boo just take this quiz cause its awesome ok? OK? OOKKKK?????????? good. i guess. good right? or is it? i think it is... im wasting your time arent I? GOOD!!1

Let's GO!You Ready To see Well C'mon hurry up dawg!texas is retarded and we all know it so just see if you are a true ou sooners fan or if you almost or if youre a f'ed up texas fan. remeber this. take this quiz to see your results, and fun. not to ruin anything or lie to the quiz. SSHHHHH! the quiz knows everything.

Created by: Jordan

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. how much ou memorbillia do you have?
  2. Where is OU's hometown?
  3. What number was Adrian Peterson?
  4. last question, fast quiz eh? ok. what are you most likely going to watch on Saturday?
  5. lol!, not! this is the last question. what are the sooner colors?
  6. lol still a few more questions, am i boring you?
  7. ok, What do you predict the post-seaon OU-texas rankings to be?
  8. ok, now seriously, how did you like the quiz?
  9. wait! still not done. here just choose
  10. now, for rizzle. last question. just choose again

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Quiz topic: How Much of a sooners fan am I?