How strong is your friendship?

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This quiz is purely for fun. Please don't take harm or offence to the results. We hope you enjoy the quiz and have fun. Any problems or issues with the quiz may be dealt with.

We have thought these questions out to see if your friendship is as strong as it seems. How well will you do? Share this quiz with friends and family to see exactly how great your friendship is with a friend. Repeat several times for other friends too. Enjoy!

Created by: Lindsey Mayfield

  1. Have they ever spoke about you behing your back?
  2. Do they stand up for you?
  3. Do they make time for you?
  4. Do they make you feel special/happy
  5. If your friend had their jeans stuck in thier sock and it was super super ugly what would u do?
  6. If your friend bought a new watch but you really dont like it what would you do?
  7. You and a group of other pals have arranged to meet up at the cinema to watch a film of which your friend is desperate to see. But they fall ill. What do you do?
  8. Your friend really wanta to see Maroon 5 but u dont like them at all Do u go?
  9. Does your friend remeber your special accassions(eg. birthday, valentines,anniversarys)
  10. Do your friends make you smile and feel lovedā¤

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Quiz topic: How strong is my friendship?