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  • Thank you Julwtts! Its just a bit of fun, I just wanted to provide the good people of the Potteries with a little light entertainment on a dull winter evening. I didn't do it to get insulted, but I suppose thats part of the course these days.

  • Totally agree Derek Clive ...maxims is Newcastle not stoke! I am gutted that I am 50% stokey I was hoping for a much lower score! Ahh well I will keep trying but some of the answers are just common sense....can't play the stupid card as well!

  • Great quiz! Bought my bloke a bag for Xmas and we joked it had to look like a 'snappin' bag. Perhaps you should add this to the quiz as everyone from outside Stoke has no idea what I'm talking about!

  • So you've guessed - I'm a Southerner - been here for 15 years and trying dead hard to fit in - afraid I can't 'do' an oatcake though!!

  • Maxims was in Hanley by the old bus station, I worked there!

  • I would of got 0 but the ignorant git who wrote the quiz thought Maxims was in Stoke on Bent! Its in Castle dear!

    Derek Clive
  • Maxims was upstairs in Hanley bus station before it moved to the old Placemate in Newcastle!

  • I was born in the USA! (Uther Side a Anley)

    barney duck

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