How sporty are you?

There are many sport manias in this world. Do you know your sports? This quiz quizes you on what sports you know. It also teaches you different things a out sports.

Do you know your sports? Do you have the sports power to qualify for the olympics? This quiz will tell you if you can go into the olympics or not.

Created by: Lauren

  1. What sport do you use a ball made out of pig skin?
  2. What sport uses a ball that has red stitches?
  3. What sport do players brake there sticks alot?
  4. What sport has goals
  5. What sport do you use a lime green ball
  6. What sport do you do hand stands
  7. What sport do you have to chop things
  8. What sport do you use a puck
  9. What sport do you use a beam
  10. What sport do you use poms

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Quiz topic: How sporty am I?