How smart is your dog

This quiz is a little different than the usual.First of all,it's about your dog.You may not have a dog,So in that case you shouldn't take this quiz.Just enjoy!!!

Is your dog smart,dumb, or in the middle???Find out by taking this quiz.(be truthfull}Well I hope your dog is smarter than mine.That will be a little accomplishment.

Created by: Bethany

  1. does your dog come when you call it's name?{unless you just got it and your still picking out a name}
  2. Is your dog easy to train?
  3. Does your dog know these commands?{sit,shake,heel,speak,stay,lay down, and roll over}
  4. Is your dog a good watch dog?
  5. Does your dog know the meaning of the word treat?
  6. When you take your dog for a walk,does it pull you?
  7. Does your dog run away numerous times?
  8. Does your dog bark a lot?
  9. Does your dog chew up items often?
  10. Is your dog hyper?
  11. Is your dog normal?

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Quiz topic: How smart is my dog