How smart are you

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There are many smart people in the world but take this test to see if your one of them you'll do great good luck on my test. See if you get what you want

Take this wonderful test to see if you have the brain .well hopefully you do well on this test find out. By taking this test see if your smart now =)

Created by: bunny23
  1. Crack the code Nabanas rea lolwye
  2. 11x80-1=
  3. First us president
  4. Ehduuejendjelwlskekksksksk
  5. Jim ate chicken his wife made rice and ice cream ,peas,corn,and banana bread what did jim eat
  6. Theres a blue house and a red house where is the white house
  7. What color is the sky
  8. A road runner will beat a ostrich in a race
  9. Smartest animal
  10. Last question the square root of nine

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Quiz topic: How smart am I