How smart are you?

Are you really smart? Or are you... the opposite? Well, if you ere thinking about if your smart enough, then take this quiz! You are probably smart but to see if your truely smart then take this quiz!

There are 17 questions, each of them should be easy, but if you don’t think your “smart” then you may have a little trouble. This test is not supposed to make you feel bad about yourself, this is all just for fun. Don’t take it for real. Your really smart.

Created by: Teresa Liz

  1. What’s 1+1?
  2. How many states does Australia have?
  3. So, Nancy has 80 oranges, she takes 30 away, and buys 20 more. Have many oranges does Nancy have left?
  4. Teressa bakes 4 different pies. Newbie eats 2 whole pies. And baldi basics eats 1 pie. How much pies are left?
  5. Andy candy is having prawns on the Barbie. There are 9 prawns on the Barbie. Andy candy gives 4 prawns to his mate. How many prawns are left?
  6. So Mia has 32 teeth in all. ( like a normal human being ) she looses 4 teeth at once. Witch gives her 28 total. How much more teeth does she have to loose?
  7. Who caused 9/11?
  8. In spongebob, what is mr. crabs obsessed with?
  9. What is spongebobs job?
  10. What is spongebobes pet?
  11. What is spongebobs pet named?
  12. Am I dead?
  13. Ho much fingers do you have?
  14. How much fingers am I holding up? ( guess )
  15. Pick a number. .
  16. Do you think your dumb?
  17. Last question. Why did you take this quiz?

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