How smart are you?

There are many intelligent peoples in this world but few of them are true genuises and smart so do you want to know whether you are a genuis and smart

Are you smart? Do you have extraordinary mind to qaulify this pristigious title? Let's find out by this great quiz!

Created by: maham fatima

  1. Photosynthesis probably uses quantum effects.
  2. Campfire flames are invisible because of no electrons
  3. -------- keeps fix you in a roller coaster seat
  4. Hayfever is caused by?
  5. Sunburn can damage
  6. Sand castles are held together by ?
  7. Before rubber or eraser people used
  8. There are 177,000 methods to tie a tie and i know only one.
  9. Graphite is used in
  10. Are you smart

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Quiz topic: How smart am I?