How sassy are you?

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A lot of teenagers are very sassy nowadays. It's scaring lots of adults and such. But some people are unaware on his sassy one can become. Like me, I didn't know I was sassy until my mom told me :(

Are you sassy? Are you unaware of his sassy your are? Do you want to know if you're a sass queen? Now here's your chance! Take my quick quiz and let's find out.

Created by: LinaxD

  1. btw those questions have no effect at all ^ you can be 67 and sassy af (;
  2. let's play a game! pretend you see a kid that's kinda
  3. referring to what you said up there ^^^^ what would you do if he/she/they/no gender came up to you?
  4. I ran out of ideas lol
  5. you're halfway done
  6. what's your favorite color
  7. can u tell this is my first quiz
  8. How much wood can a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood
  9. rate?
  10. comment?

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Quiz topic: How sassy am I?