how salineville are you?

There are many small towns in Ohio, but not too many are like Salineville, it is very small. The population is secluded from the outside world. These questions on this quiz are about things throughout generations from town.

Do you know Salineville? So if you feel up to it, take a seat and try out this quiz. Perhaps you are from a small town too, and feel that some of the same questions apply to your small city as well.

Created by: shane
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  1. Do you know where Bergohlz is?
  2. You know where the best place to park is
  3. what does cruise and booze mean
  4. Where do you buy gas
  5. where did you go to grade school
  6. where has the police ran radar since 1963
  7. what is the best channel for local news
  8. whats the fastest car in town
  9. What is "pop"?
  10. Did you have to walk up a hill to get to school?
  11. What is the Jian Iggle (aka Giant Eagle
  12. Would you still go to your High School football games when you are over 50?

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Quiz topic: How salineville am I?