How Romantic Are You?

What is more important in this world than money? Don't know? Some say it's love. What do you think? Why not try this quiz out and see whether your answers actually agree whether love is more important than cash.

Go on, you know you really want to try this quiz out. It's calling your name, you're tempted to press START QUIZ and go ahead to see what your results are. Go on. Press the button. Press the button. Press the button!!! :D

Created by: LuciFer
  1. What do you think of Valentines day?
  2. Someone in your place of work has their eyes on you every time you happen to glance over at them. What runs through your head?
  3. Over the course of your life, have you ever been seriously in love with someone?
  4. You see a couple kissing outside. You feel:
  5. Romantic movies make you want to:
  6. Your idea of a romantic dinner is:
  7. You get given someone's number. You:
  8. You purchase a bottle of red wine so:
  9. Someone asks you to go out with them. You:
  10. Finally. You're wedding day will be:

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Quiz topic: How Romantic am I?