Are you Romantic?

Are you romantic?You think your a true romeo/juliet?You think youve got what it takes to be the romantic dream for someone?Well thanks to yours truely you are about to find out.Good luck!!

Warning!!!! This quiz will tell if your romance skills are high enough.This quiz is full of issues ive seen girls/guys complain about.You will soon see the stratagies you need to be a true dream.

Created by: Heather

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  1. were would you go on a first date?
  2. What would you give on your fist month aniversery?
  3. What movie would you see on a date?
  4. what would you say if they ask you if your fat? (yall are on your way to a expensive resturant)
  5. What do you say if some one claims that another peron looks better than them?
  6. What do you do if someone is threating your boo?
  7. When would you talk to the person?
  8. do you hit on their best friend,while yall are in a argument(yall still goin out doe)
  9. Do you give a kiss on the first date?
  10. Do u talk about them with your buds
  11. Do you say i love you after every call?

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Quiz topic: Am I Romantic?