How RJ Zach are you?

There are many geeks and populars, nerds and nobodies in school. Which is your personality? Haha I got you. Just to let you know, you DON'T want to be and Rj Zach. It's just not good for your rep!

Are you that geek? Or are you just so great that no one would mistake you as an Rj? Now, prepare to find out your title in this fun and hilarious quiz!

Created by: Meegan
  1. Have you ever talked to your locker?
  2. Have you ever gone into the wrong locker room?
  3. Have you ever been dumped right before a dance?
  4. Do you run funny?
  5. Are you popular?
  6. Ever had a joke that no one laughed at?
  7. You shop at Aero or any place like that?
  8. Does your mom go shopping for you or lay out your clothes for you.
  9. Do you know the people at your lunch table?
  10. Do you think you know anything and will do anything to prove it?

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Quiz topic: How RJ Zach am I?