How Ricoluar Are You (the Name Doesn't Matter)?

Everybody wants to be Rico because my life is awesome. I am a pointless shape. I'm in love with a tree don't judge. Take the quiz microwave therapist.

Are you a pointless shape? Take the ricoluar quiz and see I am smart are you I am Rico are you merry 4th of july. Good luck just kidding. Whatever see ya?

Created by: emilyisrico

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  1. Are you a weirdo?
  2. Do you have a crush?
  3. Oh ya I should tell you a story okay? So my friend is a circle. My other friend is a paralala and I am a rico. We live in the union of pointless shapes, in antartica. We rule.
  4. Are you happy
  5. Pick a song
  6. Is your mind a place of itself?
  7. Does your bestfriends dreams predict the future?
  8. Are you boy crazy (or girl crazy if your a dude)?
  9. Do you like the song 99 red balloons?
  10. What would a true rico say?

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Quiz topic: How Ricoluar am I (the Name Doesn't Matter)?