How redneck are you?

There are all kind of people in the world, including rednecks. Are you a redneck? Want to see if you are? The take this very short quiz to find out. Who knows, maybe you are, maybe your not. Take this short quiz and find out.

Are YOU a redneck? Do you love to go ride horses and liev out in the country or farm? If you think this might be you, then take this very short quiz to find out. Who knows, you migt be a redneck, you might not be a redneck. Take this short quiz to see if you are.

Created by: Shawn
  1. What concert would you go to?
  2. What drinks are in your fridge?
  3. Pick a car!
  4. Do you support Abortions?
  5. Do you like to ride horses?
  6. What sport do you like the best
  7. Is riding a mechanincal bull fun?
  8. Is riding an actaul live bull fun?
  9. What is a good date to you?
  10. What do you eat for dinner?

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Quiz topic: How redneck am I?