How Random Are You?

Hey how random can you get take this quiz to find out i love being random see see i am very pretty music omg there is a monkey in my bed help it will eat me!

Are you random if so take this quiz to find out how much random you are tAke it i know that you want to take it come on meow meow meow meow meow i am a kitty cat

Created by: chaddyk

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  1. I love Nickelback!
  2. I pick my butt!
  3. Hey Hey I'm a Monkey
  4. I Like Pie
  5. We are disturbed!
  6. Oh my gosh my brother fell down the stairs singing opera
  7. Salami Sandwhich crackers
  8. Pipes Pipes and more pipes
  9. Pretty Pickles O.o
  10. I see birdies!

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Quiz topic: How Random am I?