how random are you

Sooo are you random. If you're like me then hell yeahh you're random. Haha so you wanna find out if your random go take meh quiz. Goooooo nooooow what yaaaa waiting fooorrrr????

I dont see the point in reading this. Because I never read these therefore stop reading and find out how random you are.. so go away and stop. IF YA DONT STOP IM CALLING 999!! haha I'm messing.. or am I?

Created by: samantha_jbg

  1. Fave song?
  2. Knock knock?
  3. Now the rest is random?
  4. Whatcha doing
  5. Who's your bf/gf
  6. What is your fave sound?
  7. Favorite place
  8. What type of pet do you have
  9. What's it called
  10. What are you gonna do

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Quiz topic: How random am I