How random are you?!

Otay guise I got bored xD and did this for fun!!:{3 I am really random in person. Maybe if your random we could be best friends cause I really need more friends.

So are you random?! Or are you boring?! Well let's find out.. Just be honest!! If your beyond normal your epic.. But there many different un normal people so don't be a monkey butt to me

Created by: Paws29
  1. Lalala..
  2. :D Omycheese! Hehe there is a penguin in my closet
  3. Adventure time is epic!!! I like Finn and Jake!!!:3 so adorbz
  4. NARWHALS!! give me my narwhals!! NOW.
  5. Holy turd nuggets I forgot the next question.... -.-.. Darn.. Well hi!!
  6. I wantz a moo moo
  7. 3 more questions! ..
  8. Dragons are epic and awesome looking!!
  9. Piggly wiggly!!:3
  10. I got a stuffed animal that is a unicorn!!:D and puppies and dragons!!:3
  11. :{D dinostuche!!

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Quiz topic: How random am I?!