How Purple are your socks?

There are many silly ducklings in this spoon. If you love to bathe at 10:34 am while listening to Spicegirls, you will enjoy this mountain. This quiz will tell if you are just a normal carrot or a totally random pufferfish.

Are you one of those limber pillows? Do you have the power to spill sandwiches on parrots and eat laughing donuts. Or maybe you are just a spotted panda? Find out now!

Created by: Anella
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  1. When you see a peice of toast, what do you think?
  2. Have you ever trained a unicorn while preforming heart surgery?
  3. Brooms are scary because they eat people's feet.
  4. How many tigers do yellow greenhouses have?
  5. Was this quiz really short and pointless?
  6. Its not over!
  7. Do you own a noisy lobster.
  8. How does your hair feel.
  9. If you were a polk-a-dot heffalump what would your name be?
  10. Okay last question. It is a proven fact that if you feed baby food to an australian zebra it will fly.

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Quiz topic: How Purple am Ir socks?