How Pretty Are You? (Very Accurate)

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Sooo many of you wonder how pretty you are. Want to know the truth? This quiz is for entertainment but it is at the same time accurate. Don't get offended because it's truthful.

So how pretty are you?? Maybe not at all? You'll find out here, but remember, this is a quiz based on MY knowledge, so have fun and take the quiz!! :)

Created by: VIPYasmin

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  1. Do people other than your family compliment on your looks?
  2. Are you fat?
  3. Do you have any of these? Acne/bad teeth/greasy hair/dirty nails/bad odour/facial hair/unibrow/any other kind of insecurity?
  4. Are you considered one of the prettiest in your class?
  5. Are you considered one of the prettiest in your class?
  6. How many admirers do you have?
  7. Rate yourself on a scale of 1-10, honestly.
  8. If someone said you were ugly, would you believe it?
  9. Do you use any make up?
  10. Are you selfconscious?
  11. Thanks a lot for taking this quiz!!!

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I? (Very Accurate)