Accurate IQ Test

WARNING: Very accurate, please do not freak out if you cannot handle the truth. Please be serious when taking this quiz and do not open the door. WHATEVER YOU DO,

DO NOT, OPEN THE DOOR! Anyways, I got the highest score possible on this test. It's very scientifically accurate and truthful so be serious and honest when doing this.

Created by: codysly

  1. Which number comes next in the pattern: 4,8,16,32,?
  2. Do you have any medical conditions?
  3. How many fingers am I holding up?
  4. Which of these is not a real number?
  5. A is to B as knife is to:
  6. If William can have 42 cupcakes without getting diabetes, how many cupcakes can John eat without getting diabetes?
  7. John is to Smith as Ching is to:
  8. if you have a red pencil, what time of the month is it?
  9. Fill in the blank; Please, Please ______
  10. Why does it rain?
  11. What is the solution to life?
  12. Which tastes the most sour?
  13. Is "The Lion King" a Pixar movie?
  14. Did you like this book?
  15. THANK YOU! [{smiley face]}

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