How Pretty are you?

Chicken wing, Chicken wing, Hotdog and balony, chiken in macaroni,... Well, as random as that was, it was needed. Anyways Take my quiz NOW. Dont wait!

DONT FORGET TO COMMENT! I hope you like my quiz! Yes! Just... Take it already! Stop reading this and take it! No, seriously. Take my quiz now you daydreamer.

Created by: pangu36501
  1. What hair color do you have? (Approximatly?)
  2. Do you wear dresses?
  3. Do you wear jeans?
  4. Do you think you look good?
  5. Do people comment on you alot?
  6. What time is it appoximatly?
  7. Do you like this quiz?
  8. Are your friends pretty?
  9. Do you think your mother is pretty?
  10. What is your fav color listed below?
  11. Is this the last question?
  12. You are nice

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Quiz topic: How Pretty am I?