How pretty are you?

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This is meant to hopefully realistictly desribe how pretty you are in a quiz. If you are not happy with the results give a rating with the emojis. I hope you are at least satisfied with your results.

Please choose the ohnest answer to the question so you can get the ohnest answer. I hope to see all your BEAUTIFUL faces around the city. Know that you are all beautiful in your own ways.

Created by: Madison

  1. Whats your hair like?
  2. What's your eye-color?
  3. What do you look like?
  4. How nice are you?
  5. Where are you from?
  6. Are your parents good looking?
  7. Do you think yourself good-looking?
  8. Do you have a lot of friends?
  9. Are your teeth straight?
  10. Have you been called pretty?

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Quiz topic: How pretty am I?