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  • I would just like to say that on question 10, when you put as a choice, "less than 1 meter, I'm a midget!" It is really rude and offensive to call people midgets. The correct term is "Little people" Otherwise, good quiz!

  • OMFG! This quiz was the biz man!! I think this quiz should be on the no. 1 spot of "Top 40 Quizzes"! Just saying Ellen! It was immense and I hope you carry on making these sensational quizzes! Thanks! I was an angel btw! xx

  • Eh, the quiz was ok, but really, nobody needs a quiz to tell them they're beautiful. We ALL are beautiful, I don't care how fat, old, young, skinny color, height, etc. you are. BABY YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

  • I think everyone who takes this quiz deserves a 100%

    Miss carrot

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