how positive are you?

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Hola! hello fellow humans! Welcome to my first ever quiz! *squee!* alright, here's the gist. have you ever wondered how positive you actually are? i have!

are you like, SUPER dark, or SUPER happy. in this quiz you, my friends, will find out! answer the questions by clicking the answers that most apply to yourself. Be honest!

Created by: Cali Cahill

  1. you get laid off from a job that was supporting you, but you didn't like. you go home and:
  2. your boy/girlfriend is going to college in California. what do you do?
  3. what defines a bad day for you? be honest.
  4. in your highschool yearbook you were named;
  5. the age-old question. someone hands you a half-filled glass of water. is it full, or no.
  6. you have to get tutored in math, you walk into the study and realize that your your ex! how do you react.
  7. your mom wants to speak to you. you immediately think:
  8. your moving to a new apartment, when you get a call saying that your fave plant fell of the truck. how do you react?
  9. how positively do you think you are? dont lie to yourself.
  10. lastly, should I make more quizzes?

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Quiz topic: How positive am I?