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  • this quiz sucks. i'm from Philly I just don't know all the history stuff about Philly.

    tootoo150 Nov 8 '12, 9:23PM
  • Hey this must be old cuz i live in Philly and I'm pretty sure that the Comcast center is the tallest building.

    jb4ever98 Mar 1 '12, 3:45PM
  • this quiz stinks but not as much as some of the comments about Philly. It rocks

    nksnow Oct 20 '10, 5:19PM
  • I love N.Y to DEATH 4 eva

    Screw Philly

    NYC93 Mar 23 '09, 12:33PM
  • R.J

    I'm all N.Y love it 2 death

    NYC93 Mar 23 '09, 12:32PM
  • i am from philly, and fyi one liberty is 2nd tallest, comcast is the tallest now :P
    good quiz anyway

    popsyd9 Feb 18 '09, 8:32PM
  • I'm from Sliberty. Eff Philly.

    georges Dec 3 '08, 6:28PM
  • Hmm...I live near Philly and still had no idea about this stuff. I was too lazy to look it up, anyway.

    mariofan Nov 4 '08, 6:46PM
  • Need to update question 9. Comcast has now officially taken over the city. Not a great quiz. Based too much on facts anyone can find online and not everyday life.

    wuderice Apr 28 '08, 1:35AM
  • This quiz sucks!!!!!!!!!!

    freddyo Feb 17 '08, 11:56PM
  • how do i find the answers

    dish Oct 5 '07, 2:11AM

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