how overweight are you?

There are many fat people but few fit. Fit is, after all, quite exceptional. What is fit? Fit is someone who has an extraordinarily low fat % and muscles where the handles would otherwise be. See if you are fit.

Are you fit? do you have the muscle power to qualify as the most fittiest? or the most fattiest? good luck and come back later should your responses not be satisfactory.

Created by: mikehunt

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  1. do u eat breakfast
  2. your idea of a workout is:
  3. your waste size is
  4. have you ever been mistaken for:
  5. how many meals each day do you eat, including scheduled snacks
  6. how far does your vehicle sag when you sit in it?
  7. how many times a week do you get nervous that you will break the chair you are about to sit in?
  8. metabolism is:
  9. have you ever slipped in the shower and fell head first into the commode?
  10. how many days a week do you excercise?

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Quiz topic: How overweight am I?