How old are you really?

There are plenty of people in the world who celebrate birthdays every year. You may be a baby, three, seventeen, or ninety-two in real life, but is that your real age?

Take this fun quiz to find out if you really are planning for the right birthday this year. I hope you have fun and score at the right level because if you don't you may end up being someone bad who doesn't care about anyone. If you do score like that work on it for a while.

Created by: Katie
  1. Do you complain a lot when things don't go your way?
  2. How old are you really?
  3. Can things go bad and you not cry about it?
  4. Have you ever told a lie?
  5. Do you feel the need to get revenge?
  6. Have you ever hurt your best friend because of your own careless actions?
  7. Have you had a good education?
  8. Could you say something mean and not feel bad about it?
  9. Do you have white or gray hair?
  10. Why are you taking this quiz?

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Quiz topic: How old am I really?