How nice are you to be around ?

Have you ever wondered if people enjoyed being around you ? Now you can find out . Your result might surprise but you but you will not know if you never take it !

This quiz has only 15 easy questions and wont take much time at all . Just answer them truly and if you don't like your answer then just try to improve . Hope you like it !

Created by: D

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. What is the nicest scent to smell like ?
  2. Which would be better ?
  3. What is your favourite holiday ?
  4. If you said christmas , why do you like it ?
  5. If you took the which animal are you quiz , what were you ?
  6. What is your special talent ?
  7. What is your favourite website ?
  8. How do you greet someone ?
  9. Which celebrity do you look up to ?
  10. How cool are you ?
  11. Do you like babysitting ?
  12. What do you think of you sibling(s) ?
  13. Do you think you are nice to people ?

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Quiz topic: How nice am I to be around ?