Are you nice or mean?

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Do people say your mean, nice, or in between? Have you ever wanted to discover what kind of person you are. Some of you may be nice or mean or in between you just don't know.

Are YOU nice, mean, or in between? Do you have the confidence do find out? Until now you'd be staring around in space finding out who you are. But thanks to this quiz you'll only have TWELVE questions to see if your nice mean or in between!!

Created by: marita
  1. Have you ever bailed on your friends? (c'mon be truthful)
  2. if a person you know who had someone they love die and they cry about it what do u do??
  3. if your friend(s) forgot your birthday wat do u do
  4. do you gossip
  5. are you a bully?
  6. are you greedy
  7. if somebody trashtalks about ur friend or best friend wat do u do??
  8. are you careless
  9. if ur friend calls and you don't feel like calling you...
  10. last question do u think your mean or nice (this is not part of ur score)

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Quiz topic: Am I nice or mean?