How Nerdy are You?

This quiz is to find you nerdy you truly are. It's designed more for girls, but a boy could take it. His results just wouldn't be as accurate.

What is a nerd? A nerd is a brainy person who sees the world from a whole different perspective, who's generally creative, and has a big brain, or heart, (depending on the type of nerd.)

Created by: Nerd Queen

  1. Do you think you're nerdy?
  2. There are six eggs in a basket, and six people. How do you give each person an egg with one egg still in the basket?
  3. Which do you have?
  4. What's your typical look?
  5. What do you think about dating?
  6. 6.5 is equal to? (Six and five tenths)
  7. 6.5 is equal to? (Six and five tenths)
  8. When someone says pi, what pops up in your head?
  9. Bored yet?
  10. How do you think you did?

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Quiz topic: How Nerdy am I?