How Nazbol are you?

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Hello, comrade! Let's find out, are you a true national bolshevik, or are you a capitalist pigdog? Take the quiz and see! Follow to next paragraph -->

Make sure to choose your answers wisely. Warning, globalists shall be sent to gulag! True Nazbols will be welcomed into our socialist paradise! Have fun!

Created by: Sam

  1. Capitalism must be abolished.
  2. We should put our own nation first.
  3. The Soviet Union was great!
  4. We should support the DPRK in their struggle against imperialism.
  5. The means of production should belong to the workers.
  6. We must preserve our racial and cultural identity.
  7. We should not get involved in foreign wars unless they benefit our nation.
  8. Putin is a good leader.
  9. We should have a one-party, authoritarian state.
  10. Stalin was a good leader and he did what he had to.

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Quiz topic: How Nazbol am I?