how nasty are you?

Everyone living now have many different types of personality traits.some are mysterious.some maybe too obvious.some can be friendly.but they can also be just nasty.

How nasty are you?do you do things that out of the original and just don't care what happens?or are you clean and healthy in a way that's comfortable for you?lets find out.

Created by: BlazeX

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  1. When do u take a shower?
  2. Do u wash ur hands after using the toilet?(with soap and water?)
  3. Do u even flush the toilet after using it?
  4. Do you pick ur nose?
  5. Truth or dare?
  6. U chose dare do something that's nasty and u never did before.(don't think negative.)
  7. Do people call you nasty?or ur friends?
  8. Do/would u fart around ur bf/gf crush?
  9. Would u eat ur ear wax?
  10. Would u let a dog lick inside ur mouth?
  11. How Was this quiz?
  12. Thanks for ur time!

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Quiz topic: How nasty am I?