how much you know my sister!?(lol!)

my sister is like other teenage girls:she wakes up,eats breakfast,brushes her hair,goes to school,comes back,do her homework,talks to her friends,listens to music,

eats lunch,watches movies,practises the guitar and then ZZZZzzzZZZzzz.wanna know more about this fun creature!?if your answer is "yes",so take this quiz now!

Created by: dragon

  1. does she likes me!?
  2. what's her real name?
  3. is she older than me?
  4. what's my sister's fav color?
  5. who's my sister's favorite actor?
  6. my sister can play.....realy well but her fav sport is.......!
  7. what's my sister's hobby?
  8. my sister is:
  9. what's my sister's favorite character in hp?
  10. what's her favorite movie?
  11. what's her hair color?
  12. the last question:do i like my sister?
  13. sorry!this one is the last one:(my bad!)can she speak English!?

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