How much you know about Indian foods?!! :D

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You like Indian food? It is very tasty and popular all around the world, not just India! How well do you know the food from my country? I live in India.

Test your knowledge friends :D come and talkk to me in the forums, I am gracious my old account was hacked :(. Enjoy the. Quiz trends from gracious/blossom

Created by: Graciousness

  1. Which describes Indian foods?
  2. What is a common side for Indian dishes?
  3. Are Indian foods often do spicy? >:p
  4. Where are Indian foods from?
  5. Indian food is vegetarian
  6. Indian food is popular in other countries
  7. What is samosas?
  8. Which is a curry
  9. Nearly the end. Umm, do you like Indian foods?
  10. Indian food s only mad in India?
  11. Indian food s only mad in India?

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