How much you know about Doraemon?

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"Welcome to my quiz. Do you watch Doraemon? If you watch then you can solve these questions. If you don't then you should watch it and come back again."

"It is a very interesting quiz and you will not find such a quiz anywhere. It is interesting and Doraemon too. If you see Doraemon everyday then you can solve these questions.Welcome again."

Created by: Nazifur Rohman

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  1. Do you like Doraemon?
  2. Doraemon was written by-
  3. From which year Doraemon was started?
  4. Who was the director of Doraemon?
  5. Who was the publisher of Doraemon?
  6. Name the gadget that Doraemon gives Nobita to fly?
  7. Doraemon is afraid of-
  8. Name the snack that Doraemon loves to eat?
  9. Name the two guys that teases Nobita?
  10. What is the colour of Doraemon?
  11. How much marks Nobita used to get in test?
  12. Did you liked this quiz?
  13. Will you rate,comment or nothing?

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