how much of an outsider are you?

Have you ever wondered if you were a greaser or not? A greaser is a gang in S.E Hintons book called the Outsider. It is a book for both genders. Taking this quiz will give youa place in her world.

So are YOU a greaser? Do you have the characteristics to be in the gang with Pony and his brothers, Two-bit, Dally, Johnny, and Steve? OR are you a J.D? maybe your a soc? a school dropout? what if ut like Tim Shepperard and his gang and are a hoodlum? maybe you just randomly selected this quiz!? Well thanks to this wonderful quiz that was made for your sake you can find out!

Created by: Gabrielle v

  1. Are you a guy or gal?
  2. Are you tough or tuff?
  3. Are u a soc or greaser
  4. Would u kill a soc to save a friend?
  5. A church is burning down what do u do?
  6. your having a rumble tonight you...
  7. you like johnny because he is...
  8. would u hang out with Ponyboy?
  9. if u were the fuzz would u put sodapop and ponyboy in a boys home?
  10. do u dig sunsets?

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Quiz topic: How much of an outsider am I?