How much of a werewolf are you

The picture on this quiz is completely unrelated to the subject, but moving on from that, wouldn't you love a fully comprehensive report on how much werewolf you have in you?

If so, this is the quiz for you! I spent quality time making a quality quiz for you. You deserve my best grammar and the best werewolf quiz out there!

Created by: Quiluete_wolf

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  1. How hairy are you
  2. Can you wiggle your ears, and if so, how many ways
  3. How many sharp (canine like) teeth do you have(top and bottom combined, both sides)
  4. Do you heal fast?
  5. Do you weigh a lot more than you appear to?
  6. Are you very strong
  7. Do canines (dogs) seem close to you
  8. Do you have good endurance
  9. Do you have a high lean body mass
  10. Last question. Did you go through a fever and never lost it? (Permanently elevated temperature)

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Quiz topic: How much of a werewolf am I