how much of a s**t are you?

too many girls that are considered as s**ts are out here today! they're girls mainly selfish and extremely vain, who don't care about anyone else. only for themselves. their top hobbies are usually hanging out (in the best case) with boys and creating a racy, glamorous image. you may disapprove of them, criticise them, gossip about them with your friends or even look up to them!

but, there IS a possibility that you are one too! find out if this is true by just taking this quick test. okay, it was made more for fun than to tell the big truth about you, but still you may find out some...hmm...interesting things aobut you by taking it.

Created by: la
  1. what kind of clothes do you wear at school? (or how what kind of clothes did you use to wear when you were at school)?
  2. would you go out with your best friend's boyfriend?
  3. how many boys have you dated?
  4. would you be dating two boys at the same time?
  5. how do you see yourself in the future?
  6. what counts the most for you from the following?
  7. pick a word.
  8. do you consider yourslef as a s**t? (ANSWER HONESTLY,otherwise the results won't be accurate at all.)
  9. do you think that the writer's a s**t?
  10. and finally! have you ever done...? (raises one eyebrow)

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Quiz topic: How much of a s**t am I?