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  • I got 90%. I am a Trombonist in pretty much everything I can get into for my age level, and the description it gave me describes me pretty well.

    "Wow, you are pretty much the biggest classical music nerd that ever walked the planet! None of your friends understand you, but that's okay. With your dedication to music, you will be sure success in the competitive music world!"

    @ViolaLo ver The Viola is a very beautiful instrument keep playing it.

    @Allegro123 I think the oboe is a very interesting instrument, and I respect people who play it. To me it must be really hard.

  • That was a good quiz! None of my friends really listen to classical music besides me, so I'm glad to see those who still do. I play oboe. :)

  • Coolio, I gor 50%, seems about right. I play the Viola, well you prob guessed that from the name, the instrument no one has herd of >.>

  • i got 47% and it's true, i play 2 instruments (violin and clarinet).

  • Awesome!62% Nice quiz, btw

  • Uh...first of all I do know music...5 o/o really?


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