How much of a Miami Dolphin fan are you?

The Dolphins are an amazing team with an amazing history. They started out not very good, but then they went on to do something no team in the modern Sper Bowl era has ever down, and hopefully will never do (as of 11/30/2007)

Are you a Dolphin fan? Take the quiz to find out! If you don't do well, that is OK. As long as you consider yourself a fan, then you ARE one! Just get out there and take it!

Created by: bob

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  1. What year did the Miami Dolphins go undefeated?
  2. What number is Zack Thomas?
  3. What division are they in?
  4. What is/was (depending on when quiz is taken) their record, as of 11/30/2007?
  5. Which New York City team are they rivals of?
  6. How many Super Bowls have they won?
  7. What year were they created?
  8. Who was their best QB of all time?
  9. What year did they make their logo that is now used?
  10. What was their record in their first season?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Miami Dolphin fan am I?