How much of a Juggalo are you?

I created this quiz on the basic Juggalo knowledge. Some questions are easy and other's are harder. There isn't really much more to say other then Good luck Juggalo or Juggalette!

As I hope you all know, this is just for fun. It doesn't matter how much stuff you own or what all you know. None of tha makes you more or less of a juggalo. What matters is your heart and your family love. MMFWCL!

Created by: Erica
  1. What is a Slang term for a Juggalo?
  2. Who sings "Zombie?"
  3. What animated character is Monoxide child dressed as on the opening clip of one episode of "The Purple Show."
  4. Finish this line "You're the reason why I put my life into this s---..."
  5. "I am a Jugglo. I am an indivitual guided by....."
  6. What is that word in "If I was a Serial Killer"
  7. Which album depicts a jack in the box on the cover?
  8. How many Juggalo's would Violent J not trade for 100,000 mainstream fans?
  9. What is a juggalo's drink (and bath!) of choice
  10. Who was Shaggs alternate ego in Big Money Hustlas?

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Quiz topic: How much of a Juggalo am I?