How much of a hotheaded person are you?

There are many bad people on earth. There are many good people on earth. It is very important to be nice and not a hothead because other people don't like hotheaded people.

Are you a hothead? There's a no-nonsense approach with this quiz. Straightforword no games. Just take the quiz and you will find that out. What I say is good luck.

Created by: melinaa

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  1. If somebody tripped you,how would you react?
  2. If someone asked you nicely to please go and gargle, how would you react?
  3. If somebody called you a big fat meany,how would you react?
  4. If a kid...a small kid walked up to you and punched you how would you react?
  5. If your teacher gave you an "f" how would you react?
  6. If your computer fell off its stand and broke on the floor,how would you react?
  7. If somebody accidentally spilled their drink on you,how would you react?
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Quiz topic: How much of a hotheaded person am I?