How much of a douchebag am I

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There are some douchebags in the world who were born to stop the fun. Most others are nice and friendly. Is there a slight chance that you could be a douchebag?

This quiz is for guys. If you have been told you are a douchebag, take this quiz and in a few minutes you WILL find out. If not then screw you. just kidding. But seriously, take it

Created by: wacko123

  1. Why did you come to this quiz?
  2. What is your main trait?
  3. How many friends do you have?
  4. What do you do with other people?
  5. Do you refer to stuff/people/activities you don't like as "gay?"
  6. How many fights have you gotten into?
  7. Who usually starts the fight?
  8. Do you make fun of others?
  9. When you do make fun of others it makes you...
  10. How is your hair?
  11. You hang out with girls because...
  12. How is your life?

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