How much of a cow lover are you?

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Cows are wonderful, wonderful creatures. They are often kept as farm animals although they are really harmless to people and other animals, which is one reason why I like them.

I really hope you enjoyed my quiz. If not then you are welcome to give it a bad rating except I'd prefer it if you would not cuss me out or anything. So, enjoy!

Created by: SockoCat

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  1. Cows are...?
  2. Eat mor chikin!
  3. Would you keep a cow?
  4. If I keep doing this then my mom's gonna have a ______.
  5. Cows are wonderful AND adorable!
  6. Holy ____!
  7. Will you rate?
  8. Will you comment?
  9. Cow time...?
  10. Bye!

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Quiz topic: How much of a cow lover am I?