What kind of lover are you?

Everyone who is in a relationship, or has been in one, is one of these things. Maybe you're even more. Clingy, passionate, terrible.. we once were or still are these things. Which are you?

Are you the perfect lover? Take this quiz and find out. The perfect lover is God's gift to man and woman. He/She knows how to swoon his/her mate, and those with them should be thankful for it.

Created by: Enzeru

  1. When your partner says they've had a bad day, do you..
  2. Your partner tells you about how they came across an old friend they were close to. Do you..
  3. He/She stays out late and doesn't call. You..
  4. He/She wants to go out and see a movie of their pick. You..
  5. He/She confides to you their deepest fears. You..
  6. You see another guy/girl walk by. You..
  7. During sex you..
  8. He/She's birthday is coming up soon. You..
  9. Someone offers you a one-night stand. You..
  10. A friend asks you to leave your lover because they dislike them. You..

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Quiz topic: What kind of lover am I?