What is Your Natural Collection Style?

Almost everyone has a collection, whether they realize it or not. What are you hoarding? More importantly, why? And what does it say about you? Take this quiz to find out what your collections say about you.

Uncover what your things say about the kind of person you are - committed, passionate, cautious, casual, or, um, unique. Never thought that your things were that important? You'll be surprised!

Created by: Jada
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  1. It's all over the media. Widgets are all the rage this season. You're kind of interested. You...
  2. You inherit an unsightly antique chair from a relative. You...
  3. Before you start collecting something, you...
  4. If you could only collect one of the six types of items below, which would you choose?
  5. How far would you go to find that missing piece in your collection?
  6. I would describe what I collect as...
  7. If I were to advise my loved ones on what to collect, I'd tell them...
  8. You must leave your home with only one thing, never to return. You choose a collection piece. Why?
  9. You organize your collections (on spreadsheets, online, etc) because...
  10. How extensive are your collections?

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Quiz topic: What is my Natural Collection Style?