How much of a bigot are you?

There are many definitions and claims of what others perceive to be bigoted. Have you ever wondered who's a bigot, have you been called a bigot, after all, can we truly know? Maybe so, find out soon.

Are you bigot, have you ever been called/called someone else a bigot. With this quiz, help validate or decimate previous claims made and help find your true bigoted, or non bigoted, self.

Created by: noah

  1. What is the state of LGBT rights in america?
  2. A business denies service to an LGBT individual, what is the next course of action?
  3. Same question as before but instead of an LGBT individual, it is a racial minority?
  4. An individual is shouting racial slurs at another individual, what should happen?
  5. Finish the sentence, Guns...
  6. Finish the sentence, the constitution is...
  7. Who would you most likely vote for president?
  8. Abortion is...
  9. What is your view on feminism?
  10. Beyonce is...
  11. Should refugees be allowed into America.
  12. immigration from Mexico is...
  13. Traditional gender roles are...
  14. Affirmative action is...
  15. what is your opinion on the trans community?
  16. Make America Great Again, what do you picture from this phrase?

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Quiz topic: How much of a bigot am I?